Chimeral, who are you

If I only had as much time as ideas …

Deeply passionate by creation since my childhood, I made a lot of drawings and diversified manual works, then, from graphic design to photography and music as simple hobby. I though several times to try one’s hand at sewing but I did not have enough interesting projects to find motivation.

A new passion for Asia and discovery of Cosplay

Since a trip in Thailand in… 2004 if I remember correctly, I started to be interested in asian culture, manga, Japan, and so on… On thing leading to another, I discovered cosplay in 2013, stumbling upon pictures on the internet (I think it was a cosplay of Calintz from Magna Carta which made me want to look into it). I took part to my first convention about Asia in 2013 and I’ve been enchanted by the special, off the wall atmosphere, full of sharing and meetings of all these fans of Geek and Asian culture.

Cosplay was a true firm favorite because of its most complete aspect of creation : it could be sewing (sometimes at very high level), photography, role play, acting, make up, hairstyling, do-it-yourself, etc … There are a lot of different techniques and materials to discover. Cosplay is also a way to share and meet other passionated people, which is an aspect I like due to the fact that I always have been doing things on my own before I begin cosplay. By the way, I never thought I would be that much into role play, personify characters and invent small stories for cosplay contests, which are really interesting and allow to give life to the character.

Cosplay in the Spotlight

I begin to only do cosplay during my free time since 2016, abandoning my other hobbies. You will see that I am fond of fantasy characters, complicated and detailed costumes, and for creatures and hybrids (Whence the name linked to the Chimera). I mostly make characters from video games, even if I unfortunately run out of time, I love to play and, also, I often find more interesting and challenging outfits in video games than in manga and animes.

This year (2017), I am trying to make more tutorials, videos and conventions to develop this Sharing side which is important for me. I think am going to take a short break in 2018 to get back into drawings which is beginning to miss me (because I am not running out of ideas… but time!)

Fury cosplay from Heroes of Might&Magic / Photo by Junkee

Association and Partnerships

Japan Shudaï

I have been a member of the Japan Shudai Association since 2016. The association is dedicated to popular and geek culture as well as cosplay.

We organize various events around these themes:

• A convention organized every year, named the Another convention
• Presentations and workshops cosplay / Papercraft / drawings etc… in conventions or libraries and schools
• Picnic and multi-activities days (Role-playing games, video games, drawing , cosplay, music…)

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Battlerite France

Current Partnership – since the end of 2018

League of Legends is a competitive online game in the MOBA style, developed and published by Riot Games. It has a strong influence in the world of E-Sport and many events, LANs, international and national tournaments are organized.

The partnership consists in making costumes or props for the characters in the game, and hosting events.

As a personal matter, League of Legends is the online game I have played the most so far. It is also a great source of creative inspiration, because I love the characters’ designs. It is therefore a great pleasure to collaborate with the Riot Games French team.

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Battlerite France

2018 partnership
Battlerite is s a free-to-play and action-packed Team Arena Brawler focused on competitive PvP. I bought the game in the summer of 2017 and I immediately hooked up with ultra dynamic and strategic gameplay, and loved the game design.
The Blossom cosplay I created, allows me to talk about the game regularly on my social networks, and to promote it during the events where I embody the character.

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Cosplaymat is an online shop of equipment and services for cosplay.
I was offered this partnership in 2016, and it is with enthusiasm that I join the team to share my knowledge, test new materials and participate in events.

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