Welcome to the Chimeral shop!

I'm Chimeral, I've had a passion for creation since I was young, and in 2022 I decided to quit my job to start my own arts and crafts business.

I have been making custom-made costumes since 2013 simply as a hobby. This passion called "Cosplay" has allowed me to develop many artistic skills: woodworking, foam, sculpting and molding, FX makeup, costume and prop making, directing, photography, etc.

My creations are in line with my greatest inspirations: fantasy, fantastic creatures, video games and Asian culture.

Handmade - Unique creations

I've always had more affection for traditional techniques, as handmade gives a unique and personalized value to each creation. It is as if each object has its own story.

Each of my creations is made by hand, without automated devices such as 3D printers or software. Some products are resin prints from the same mould, but I create the basic sculpture and mould myself, and paint and add details to each creation individually.

French and European suppliers

In order to limit the transport of supplies, and to support local businesses, I favour French and European suppliers. Whether it is for the packaging of the products, or the materials used for the creations.

My services and creations

- Handmade and sale of decorative objects
- Creation of custom-made costumes and accessories
- Sale of patterns, books and other technical resources related to my creations.

Where to meet me?

Every year, I participate in events and fairs in France and abroad, as a guest, exhibitor or simple visitor. These are essential meetings to meet the community, sell my creations and discuss our common passions.

See the list here: My PLANNED EVENTS